Changelogs – SitePresser – Elementor Addon

< V1.4
- Development Version

- Initial Public Release

V1.5 - 26/05/20
- Added support for image replacement within Elementor content
- Added support for global sections/templates within Elementor
- Added support for the SitePresser image replacement tool
- Added support for the Ele Custom Skin plugin

V1.6 - 20/07/20
- Converted importer to be class based
- Added support for SVG icons in buttons
- Added support for dynamic linked popups
- Added Plugin support: Piotnet addons for Elementor (PAFE)

V1.7 - 23/01/21
- Added Plugin support: Premium Addons for Elementor
- Added Plugin support: Anywhere Elementor / Anywhere Elementor Pro
- Added Core support: Elementor Icons
- Added Core support: Elementor Galleries
- Added Core support: Elementor Sliders
- Added Core support: Elementor Testimonials
- Added Core support: Elementor per module custom CSS
- Added Third Party support: Retina images
- Added Dev support: hook for developers to add their elementor plugin support to SitePresser Elementor
- General code refactoring / optimisation

V1.8 - 27/01/22
- Minor update. Added better support for Elementor 3.5.4+ and Elementor Pro 3.5.2+

V1.9 - 31/12/22
- Added basic support for Elementor snippets
- Minor update. Added cleanup event after import to re-save the site name in elementor to that of the imported site
- Fixes an issue whereby an empty array is double serialised in some cases and breaks elementor

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