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Initial Public Release

V1.5 - 26/05/20
- Feature: Integration of the new tools submenu and interface along with three new tools! Devs see 'etp_tools' filter
- Feature: Import more than one site without running into ID conflicts
- Feature: When you have created a theme but it shares it's name with one on the WP Repo you now have the option to use your own rather than defaulting to the repo copy
- Maintenance: Refactored code into separate files for easier maintenance
- Fix: Licensing: Added ability to change key when a key has been added to an addon but not activated

V1.5.1 - 28/05/20
 Fix: Fixed issue whereby exported Zip contained the files but not in a folder which interfered with some systems 

 V1.5.2 - 20/07/20
 Refactor: Modified the exporter system to be class based
 Feature: Added support for sassy social share plugin 

 V1.5.3 - 28/07/20
 Improvement: Zip and plugin folder now have the same name (based on the importer name you add) which improves support for some external systems
 Improvement: Add internal page links to Image size tool for easier navigation between the sections
 Improvement: Added a "make package" step before Zipping. This is to cut down on issues with timeouts whilst Zipping
 Improvement: Added helpful error message on package ZIP action failure. Instructions for self help and a work around
 Improvement: Added helper function to importer "replace_atts_in_shortcode" to search through shortcode attributes for items to replace on import 

V1.6 - 23/01/21
 Feature: Added support for Multi site! Now recognises network active plugins and packages them in the same way as site specific plugins
 Feature: Block image imports. Now imports 5 images at a time rather than one by one. Basic implementation for now so limited error handling
 Fix: Some plugins (eg: Smash Balloon Instagram feed) presented as being non-repo when they were there. This led to import issues in some cases. Now sorted
 Improvement: Some code refactoring. The codebase is now easier for devs to write addons and extensions for. This will continue in future versions 

V1.7 - 23/02/21
- Feature: Hierarchy of pages and other post type items is now maintained (parent pages etc)
- Feature: Added support for the responsive lightbox & gallery plugin 'rl_gallery' including settings, widgets and shortcodes
- Feature: Added support for the standard Gallery widget
- Improvement: When an import fails due to a timeout on one of the items, the importer will now offer a number of recovery options. This means that the user won't see an endlessly spinning image and, instead, is offered useful feedback
- Improvement: Added a grid of registered addons to the top of the export page. Notifies the user of which addons are being used. Also added an error message to indicate if an addon is too old to be used without error
- Improvement: Added support for addon licensing NOT being provided. This paves the way for developers to write their own addons and not see errors relating to updating via SP servers
- Improvement: Added better error reporting when pressing a site. It will now tell the user what the error is to make diagnosis/fixes easier

V1.8 - 05/08/21
- Improvement: Internal changes to facilitate third party plugin support
- Improvement: When image replacement is turned on, any images NOT marked as safe will NOT be exported. Previously the entire media library was exported but references to 'unsafe' images were replaced

V1.9 - 27/01/22
- Fix: Fixed intermittent fatal error on import (require_once plugins.php)
- Fix: JS error on failed import. eti_import_failed
- Improvement: Added better support for serialized data

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