Managed WordPress and timeout errors

Apr 1, 2021 | Divi Tips

Are you constantly getting timeout errors when in Divi? I’ve been there and so have many others. It can quite frustrating, but rest assured, it is fixable.

This is just one of the reasons I’m not a fan of Manage WordPress hosting, but I know many are. Rooting around the C-Panel can be fun and interesting, and officially earn you the title of “geek”. Further, this can be fixed much faster if you have access to the C-Panel.

The first step in correcting the problem is to checkout which version of PHP you are running. Usually, once you log into your account you will find this under settings in your Managed WordPress hosting account. I recommend picking the most recent version.

If that doesn’t work, then the next step is to increase your PHP limits. Since you don’t have C-Panel access to the backend files you are going to have to do this through an FTP/SFTP client such as FileZilla. Again in your Managed WordPress settings, you will find your Hostname, Username, Password, and Port Number. These are all previously assigned by your hosting provider.

Steps for FTP/SFTP

Step One

You will need to create either a php.ini, php5.ini, or user.ini file. It’s best to call your hosting company to find out which one they want you to use. I do know with GoDaddy it’s user.ini.

You can create this file in TextEdit on a Mac, or WordPad on a PC.

Step Two

With the appropriate file created add the following:

memory_limit 256M
post_max_size 128M
max_execution_time 300
upload_max_filesize 64M
max_input_time 600
max_input_vars 6000

Save the file.

Step Three

Using FileZilla log into your FTP/SFTP server. Once you’ve logged into the server under the Local site find your file and drag it over to the Remote site.

Once you done this, that is all of you have to do.

Other Solutions

Clear your cashes

Even though you’ve deleted old themes or plugins, some files associated with them may still be hanging around. If the steps above didn’t work, the next best thing to do is clear your caches. Here are the steps for clearing your caches.

  1. Clear the cache with any of the caching plugins;
  2. Clear the cache from your web browser;
  3. If you host is using any form of server-side caching ask them to clear the caches for you.

Plugin Problems

Plugins are wonderful, but they can cause problems. In the error alert, there is a red box with the warning “Manage Your Plugins”. Start by deactivating all of your plugins. If that solves the problem, then reactivate your plugins one or two at a time. If it is a plugin problem, this will help you will find the culprit.

While the timeout error is frustrating, it can be solved. If in the end you have tried all of the above and that still doesn’t fix the problem, contact your hosting company to see if they have any server restrictions that they can adjust and fix the problem for you.


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