What you need to consider when designing a logo

Apr 29, 2021 | Design Tips

With more and more people only needing logos for websites and online advertising design the basics design steps are still important.

  1. Discovery. This when I get to know the client’s audience, industry, and competitors. I first look at their competitors. When I haven’t look at their competitors first, not often, but it has happened, I’ve sketched out a design only to find it’s too similar to a competitor. The same applies if you are designing a logo for yourself.
  2. Research. Next, look at their/your industry colors. If you are designing something for the health industry just about everyone will use blue and green. I approach this differently, the first question I ask the client, “What are your two favorite colors?” You would be surprised how many people have said, “I don’t know.” If they work, I’ll work their industry colors in. My desire is to make them stand out from the crowd.
  3. Trends. I don’t rely on trends as they come and go. I will look for inspiration from the latest trends, and at times, I will incorporate bits and pieces. Most important I want the design to stand the test of time.
  4. Scalability. This is more important than ever and why I never design a logo in Photoshop. All logos on my website designs are SVG files. When I deliver the final logo to a client, they will receive the following files:
    • AI
    • SVG
    • JPG
    • PDF
    • PNG
  5. Memorable. A logo must be memorable, and to do so you must think out of the box. Try different spacing or telling a story with the logo design. Think about the FedEx logo and its tricky optical illusion with the white arrow. It stands for speed, accuracy, the strive for perfection, and perseverance in achieving their goals.
  6. Simplicity. When in doubt remove extra elements. The old saying still goes, “less is more.”

Well-designed logos help with customer retention and revenue. But more importantly, it gives credibility to your brand.


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